Detect Hidden Dangers With Radon Testing

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Radon Testing Service | Whitefish Bay & Milwaukee, WI

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Did you know that radon can be harmful to your health if you’re exposed to elevated levels over a long period of time? If you’re not sure your property’s radon levels are safe, contact Right Angle Home Inspections, LLC immediately for radon testing.

We offer radon testing and inspection services to help give you peace of mind and keep your family safe. Our inspectors follow EPA guidelines regarding testing procedures and use a continuous radon monitor which is US EPA verified, NEHA-NRPP listed and evaluated and approved by the NRSB for use in real estate transaction testing. You’ll receive a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for radon mitigation if your levels are too high.

Consult with the radon experts at Right Angle Home Inspections by calling (414) 367-6838.

Keep Your Family Safe From Radon

Radon, while naturally occurring, can pose a serious threat to your family’s health over time. Elevated radon levels can cause:

  • Respiratory lesions
  • Emphysema
  • Chronic pneumonia
  • Cancer

Right Angle Home Inspections can test your home’s radon levels and make sure that your property is safe.
Contact Right Angle Home Inspections at (414) 367-6838 for radon testing in Whitefish Bay & Milwaukee, WI. Schedule your next radon testing appointment with one of our certified home inspectors.